I build websites for businesses.
My approach to web design and development is based on clients’ marketing goals.


I look at web design from the marketing standpoint. If design concept helps to market your business or products then it serves the purpose. If on the other hand, despite the glamorous looks, your site doesn’t attract business, design is failing. It’s not difficult to build a good-looking website but it is more challenging to keep design in line with your marketing goals.


This could be fun if you understand how online marketing works and you like sales. Most people don’t and that keeps me busy. I gladly share my knowledge and views with my clients and I encourage them to invest time in learning at least basics of how online marketing works. I educate my clients by providing access to a marketing video training. Not only you will have a great looking site but you also will know what to do with it.

Site Ownership

I teach my clients how to manage their websites without help of a web developer. Using WordPress as platform allows you to customize every element of your site without limitation. I have produced a video training library that teaches you how to operate your website. This gives you a complete publishing freedom and eliminates dependence and costs associated with delegating your site’s management to a third party.

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